People are the number one thing you’ve got.
— Todd Hitt

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Todd Hitt, CEO

Todd Hitt is an American businessman whose assets span real estate, privately held growth companies, intellectual property, opportunistic debt, venture capital, and hospitality. A social impact investor, Hitt consciously and consistently uses his capital, businesses, and foundation to enhance communities, create jobs, and drive economic growth. He frequently speaks and writes about how to rebuild the American economy and middle class, and is a bold, innovative voice on navigating America’s greatest economic challenges.



Abbey Slitor

chief of staff

Carlos Merizalde

Investor Relations

Stephen Porter

Principal, real estate Group


William Akridge

Managing director, venture group

Aidan Hitt

Co-director, marketing Group

Kathryn Darling

CO-DIRECTOR, marketing Group


Philipp Barminov

Associate, venture group

Max Dietz

Analyst, venture group

Innis Hitt

Content coordinator


Patrick Rice

Senior graphic designer

Sherilyn Yap

Graphic Designer