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Is Romney A Conscious Capitalist? Let's Hope So

Investor's Business Daily / March 12, 2018

Mitt Romney is running for Senate. Judging by early polls, he'll win. This race will be much easier than his last, but Romney should think twice as hard about how he portrays free enterprise and those who believe in it.


Four Resolutions for 2018

RealClearPolitics / January 21, 2018

Closing 2017, Republicans were breathing a sigh of relief: Tax reform had been signed, the federal government remained open, and the stock market was soaring.

That’s not an impressive list.


Class Warfare Must Not Derail Sorely Needed Tax Reform

The Hill / December 12, 2017

Neither the House or Senate bill is perfect, but both would help small businesses and the middle class. 


A Patriot's Pledge

RealClearPolitics / November 16, 2017

Our economy is undergoing a major shift. Inequality is a growing problem, and middle class stagnation breeds hopelessness, economic isolationism, and social fragmentation.

We must do something.


Puerto Ricans Are US Citizens. We Owe Them Our Help

Washington Examiner / November 5, 2017

On a recent aid mission with former Gov. Luis Fortuño, I saw Puerto Rico’s enormous challenge. The devastation was shocking and even though every person I met was optimistic, they’re not getting enough help from their fellow Americans.


We Won't Be Rebuilding Houston Anytime Soon

The Washington Post  / Oct. 10, 2017

In Houston, we have a problem. It’s a crisis that will impede the reconstruction of our nation’s fourth-largest city. The problem isn’t capital, though. It’s labor.